Whitehall™ Bronze Memorials

The Innovation - Whitehall™ Bronze - a technologically advanced and affordable Bronze Memorial. By taking a cast aluminum core and encasing it in a bronze shell through a proprietary process we have created an advanced memorial. We accomplished this while maintaining the same features and characteristics of traditional solid cast bronze along with outstanding durability and at a better value. This feat is truly an accomplishment of fusing traditional materials with modern manufacturing innovations.

The Craftmanship - From the skilled hands of our artisans came the carvings to create the intricate tooling which allow the richness, detail, and beauty of our bronze memorials. Every casting is styled with old world dimensional precision, hand chasing, and buffing methods to achieve a stunning memorial that will stand the test of time. As an extra measure of preservation, every memorial is sealed with a high-performance clear coat that will resist impact and scratching from lawn maintenance equipment, creating a true value of exceptional design and fine craftsmanship.

The Guarantee - Simply, no bronze manufacturer has a stronger warranty in the industry. Whitehall™ Bronze Memorials are guaranteed to be free of defects in manufacturing and workmanship. Should any item fail to perform as expressed in our warranty, the manufacturer will reproduce the memorial at no charge. Even more impressive, should a memorial become damaged due to the neglect or abuse, it will be replaced for 50% off the original purchase price. New technology backed by a new type of warranty - Guaranteed!

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